We are doing some exciting work at Helea and would love to give opportunity to students to learn and grow with us. Below are the projects for which our team is looking for students to work on. 


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  • Sales & Distribution

    Project Details

    Offline Sales Strategy

    • Identify distributors / system integrators / installation service providers for Smart Home devices in Key Metro Regions

    • Analyse competitive landscape for brands in Smart Home space in the offline channel

    • Identify key categories for offline sales

    • Identify channel margins for different product categories

    • Suggest offline entry strategy for Helea Smart Products - Location, number of distributors / system integrators, channel margins, etc.

  • Marketing

    Project Details

    Project 1: Social Media Planning

    • Scale-up audiences across digital platforms organically through innovative content strategy & distribution/promotion hacks to drive more business

    • Create and design social media campaigns in line with the current trends and to suit our Target Audience. Every social media platform is unique and effective campaign planning is required for each platform.

    • Develop content and increase outreach of our Social Media Platforms and ensure maximum presence.


    Project 2: Partnerships, Ads & Affiliate Network

    • Identify key publishing sites for promotion and partnerships

    • Identify potential affiliate partners for sales through coupons

    • Prepare competitive analysis of Ads network & Affiliate partners

    • Suggest GTM strategy for 3rd party ads promotion (via Publishers, AD networks, etc.)

  • Operations

    Project Details

    ​Customer Service Operations

    • Connect with Helea Customers to understand pain points and get feedback.

    • Prepare comprehensive list of FAQs and customer suggestions.

    • Create process for tracking new, open, resolved customer tickets.

    • Prepare scalable Decision Tree & Training modules for Customer Service team for prompt resolution on queries.

  • Human Resources

    Project Details

    Campus Engagement Program

    • Develop & Structure Campaus Engagement Program for Helea to increase reach amongst youth

    • Define structured on-boarding and off-boarding plans for interns & campus ambassadors

    • Shortlist campuses for engagement & on-board Campus Ambassadors & Interns for targeted campuses across India

    • Prepare activities, campaigns, yearly calendar & schedule for engaging with various top campuses

    • Independently manage programs from concept through pilot and full implementation

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