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Why do you need a Smart Home?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Smart Home solution by Helea

Cities in India can be really tough and people crave for those precious moments they spend at home. It is the place they cherish after long tiring day at work and commute. While we are getting less time to cherish at our abode, we love to make truly ours through customizations and personalization. One of the trends which is catching up really fast in India is that of Smart Home. It is the buzz word, but is it just the fad or Smart Homes are here to stay?

To shift to a new technology and invest money in something, there has to be a considerable advantage for people to adopt. And Smart Home do provide that advantage which would want you to give your money away.

1) Convenience

The word Smart Home brings in the futuristic image of Home where everything is controlled automatically or actions are driven through Voice. Well, that’s exactly what Smart Homes are. A scene from Dexter’s Laboratories is no more just a cartoon but has in fact become a reality.


With Alexa and Google Home integration, you can simply talk to your home and get your tasks done. No need to get up to switch off those bedroom lights before going to bed, just ask Alexa to do it for you.


It’s not just voice, Smart Home devices can talk to each other and thus an action can be triggered even without a human intervention. Your home will understand you’re nearby through GPS and will automatically turn on your room AC and make that hot coffee for you. Well, possibilities to this are infinite and are only limited by one’s imagination.

Perform multiple actions through Single Click

Tired of fixing that perfect setting for that perfect mood? Well, when you switch on your TV, you do the following for that perfect environment – Switch on TV, Close Curtain, Switch on AC, Dim Lights, Connect Home Theatre if not done yet and more depending upon your requirement. Smart Homes helps you do all these tasks with a single click. Just configure TV Mode with relevant settings and your home will to all these for you.

These are called scenes in the Smart Home world.

2) Safety

While Smart Homes will make your life extremely convenient, it is not the only reason you should go for it. Your home is much more secure and safe when it is smart.

Watch you Home

With security products like video doorbell and Security Camera, you are never separated from home. Understand who is at the door when that doorbell is pressed and talk to them. With indoor cameras, you always know what is happening in your home and know when you have to rush.

Security from Breach

Smart Homes can trigger immediate alarms when an unidentified breach is observed. You never have to worry about someone sneaking into your home through windows or doors, you will immediately get a notification and can perform quick action to prevent a disaster.

Welcome Guests

Ever been in a situation where you’re not at home and someone is there at your gate? Rushing back from work just to open House door can be really daunting. Not to mention the risks associated with hack of hiding key nearby your door, it can never be safe. Smart Door locks gives you the power unlock door from anywhere in the world.

3) Energy Savings

This part is cherry on the cake with all the convenience and security you get. While this is a major reason to go for automation for majority of enterprises, energy savings provided by Smart Homes are usually underrated.

Control from Anywhere

Forgetting to switch off AC or Heater while moving out for office can really hurt. This becomes especially irritating when you have already left your home and all you can do is blame yourself and spoil your lunch over it. With Smart Homes, you can control your devices from anywhere in the world. No more worries about switched on devices

Set Schedules

You can also set schedules to minimize the usage of any device. Just configure your plug to switch off your heater automatically after 30 mins on switched on state.

Track Consumption

With devices becoming more sophisticated, you can get power consumption and tracking for your devices. Thus you know which devices have to be replaced and need to reduce usage to avoid those surging Electricity bills.

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