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Smart Bulbs Buying Guide

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

What makes the smart bulb different from the ordinary bulb?

1. Wi-Fi function is realized on smart bulb, with this we can voice control the bulb via smart speaker, adjust the brightness, colour temperature and light colour, set timer and remote switch on mobile app.

2. Smart bulbs have strict requirements on the shell material and its heat dissipation (because the Wi-Fi module and important components are not resistant to high temperature, which affects efficacy of the bulb). Therefore, the shell material we use is PA+PC and PBT+PC, while traditional material of this product is PC.

Optical Knowledge of Smart Bulb

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature is a unit of measure that represents the colour component in light. Theoretically speaking, colour temperature refers to the colour that appears after the absolute black body warms up from absolute zero (-273 Celsius degree). The lower the colour temperature, the warmer the hue. The higher the colour temperature, the cooler the hue.

Conclusion: The colour temperature of conventional lamps is in the range of 2700k-6500k. Extremely high or low colour temperature will create an uncomfortable feeling in human body. Regular colour temperature of 4000k-6500k is cold white, mostly used for reading, writing and office working and the range of 2700k-4000k belongs to warm white, mostly used for gathering and entertainment activities.

Colour Rendering Index

It refers to the colour rendering ability of the light source to an object. The higher the colour rendering index, the better effect it reveals an object. The coefficient of the colour rendering index (Kaufman) is the universal method to evaluate the rendering of light source.


The colour rendering index of lamp bead for illumination is higher than 80Ra mostly. Low rendering index is mainly applied in outdoor illumination such as street lights.


Lumens are the physical units that describe the luminous flux. The larger the luminous flux of a light source, the more light it emits, and the brighter the human body feels.

Luminous Intensity (Candela)

Luminous intensity is to describe how bright the light source is, it refers to the luminous flux in the unit solid angle.

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