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How to make Dumb Home Smart?

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Smart Homes look very futuristic, however the process of shifting to Smart Homes can be really daunting if you’re not a Techie. There are so many devices and services which can very easily confuse anybody.

We have simplified different components of Smart Homes to make your much simpler

1. Smart Switches / Switch Modules

This is the most under-rated but most important part of any Smart Home system. While intricate functions of any appliances is the end goal, ability to control switches which are till date being controlled through manual intervention is a big feat in itself.

First step of true Home Automation is to make those pretty looking but dumb switches smart. This can be done in the below two ways:

a. Replace Switches with Smart Switches

This option means you are going to replace your switch board with more advance futuristic switches which not can be controlled manually but will also reply to commands on App

b. Insert Smart Switch Modules in Switch Board

This option is more suitable if you don’t want to change the aesthetics of your switch board. Switches are essential part of home décor and people might simply don’t want the give up on aesthetics to get the convenience. A smart switch module is fitted inside your switchboard, which converts your existing switches into Smart Switches.

2. RGBW Lights

While switches can turn Lights and Fan On/Off, this is not enough if you’re looking for deeper level of customization. RGBW lights can transform your home ambience based on your mood. These lights come really handy for quick scenes like Sleep mode, Party mode, TV mode where you have specific requirements for intensity and colour.

3. Universal IR Control

These IR controllers are essentially single remote replacement for all your IR based devices. Be it AC, TV or a sound system, you don’t have to find that remote in sofa couches. Not only these appliances are controlled through Smart Phone & Alexa, they can also be interlinked with RGBW lights / switches or other devices to automatically trigger an action

4. Curtain Controller

This is the device which will make your home look like the one from Sci-Fi movies. Curtain controllers help you control your blinds, curtain from anywhere in the world. The functionality is not limited to this, with roller shutter controller used to control curtains, you can also control Garage door or any other motor system you have been using.

5. Surveillance Devices

This is one of the most important categories driving adoption of Smart Homes. Since this makes your life secure, installing Camera and Door bells are high recommended.

a. IP Cameras

Place a camera inside or outside your rooms and watch your home from any part of the world

b. Video Door Bells

This is the replacement for your traditional door bells. This will give you a notification as soon as anybody rings your door bell. See them and talk to them before letting them in.

6. Smart Door Locks

Replace your existing door locks with the new and secure Digital Door Locks to be completely in control of your home. You can remotely control your door lock through your smart phone and thus you’re never locked out.

Just identify people from video door bell / Camera and let them in your home even if you’re not nearby.

7. Sensor

These small devices are very important to prevent anybody mishap from happening in your home and come in various shapes and sizes

a. Motion Sensor

These devices detect even slightest of moment and inform you if a motion is detected. Subsequent activities can then be triggered like switching on lights depending upon motion.

b. Door Sensor

Understand when a door is opened and get alarmed if a false moment detected. Extremely useful to avoid unwanted breach.

c. Smoke Sensor

The thought of House on fire can be really scary. These devices come handy to avoid such accidents by detecting smoke and fire and take appropriate actions accordingly.

d. Flood Sensor

Flood sensors detect overflowing and immediately switch off motor / relevant switch to prevent wastage of Water.

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