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How Helea Helps?

Helea provides power to make your existing home smart through innovative & affordable smart solution







Group Devices, Easier Control

Group similar devices & control them together. For eg, you can control brightness, colour, etc. of all smart bulbs together by grouping them.


Create Automations

Easily create automations and live in the future. You can customise your devices to respond to pre-defined actions. For eg. you can set your AC to switch off as soon as your Fan is switched on.

Save Energy, Save Earth

Monitor Energy consumption for specific devices and save on energy and bills. Track day-wise, month-wise consumption and get live report of the device. (Currently available with Helea 16A Smart Plug only)

Set Schedules & Timers

Create schedules with devices to take care of routine tasks. Define time, day and task and let Helea do the rest. Best it geyser in the morning or lights in the night, simply schedule & forget.

Add Family Members

Add members to different locations. These members will be able to control devices added to that particular location.

Multiple Locations

Control multiple locations through Helea App. Add devices to different places and control them through one account while keeping your schedules, automations & other settings separate.

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Helea Advantages

  • One App

    One app to control devices, scenes, automations

  • Inter-connected

    Devices talk to each other to create endless routines

  • Retrofit

    Easy & simple to install and doesn't need any rewiring

  • Remote Control

    Control your home

    from anywhere in the world

  • Voice Control

    Control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant


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