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We ship to India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal

Hello Helea,
Hello Tomorrow!

Experience wide range of smart home devices at affordable prices

Explore wide range of Helea Smart Home devices
Create your ambience withe Helea Smart Strip Lights
Smart Strip Lights

Customise your ambience

Helea Smart Plugs to make any appliance smart
Smart Plugs

Make any appliance smart

Smart Bulbs
Switch to Helea smart bulbs for a brighter and colourful tomorrow!

Bring colours to your life

Smart Powerstrip
Make work from home easier with Helea Smart Power Strips

Make work from home easier

Smart Remote
Control TV, AC and more with Helea Smart Universal Remote

Control AC, TV & more

Helea Smart App

Helea Smart is a powerful mobile application that lets you control your Helea devices from anywhere in the world, create custom scenes & automations. 


Our Story

Helea is born with a desire to develop futuristic and affordable smart home solutions. We have created a system which is simple, smart and sustainable providing an effortless smart home experience for everyone.


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